Factory Construction and Planning in Bangalore

A factory construction project is often a big undertaking, so we pay attention to every detail that is important to ensure that your project gets finished on time and budget.
Setting the groundwork with good initial planning pays dividends, while poor planning can lead to cost blow-outs, delays, scheduling problems, and, eventually, costly adjustments down the road. We make sure the facility also needs to be effective, productive, open, and safe.

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Planning & Designing

Site selection and the design of factory buildings are critical economic factors in manufacturing, since they make a major contribution to the cost of production, not just because of the initial capital investment required, but also because of their effect on efficient production.

Some Types of Factory Construction:

There are generally 3 types of Factory Construction design we offer in Constructure: Single Storey Buildings, Multi-Storey Buildings, and High Bay and Monitor Type Buildings some more design types are there depending on the requirment: Mill construction, Steel framework, Reinforced concrete, Precast Concrete Construction etc.

Though there are multiple designs and execution, one this is constant in all of these. Quality. Our Factories are designed based on the ease of access and maximum utilization of space with innovative concepts.

With our Effective planning of the factory buildings we make sure that there is enough space devoted for machinery going to be incorporated in the future loading and unloading bay area, maintaining factory legislation building by laws, conditions mentioned in the insurance conditions and maintaining the welfare of the employees.

We always keep into account the current and the future aspects of your factory to ensure that there is maximum utilisation of space for the present and for future aspects and growth of the factory.

Structural Design

Our team of Structural Analysis Engineers are Second to None. Their expertise is desinging Structures after considering all possibilities from future plans to Current Structures.

A Detailed Study to Plan the Structure of the Building based on your Plan

Our Structures are designed so that they can withstand their own weight as well as the loads and pressures that will be placed upon them. Our Expert engineers provide crucial information about the roof types, foundations, floors, steel beams, material quality, retaining walls, and more.

A structure that does not consider structural engineering in its design runs the risk of collapsing under its own weight or under the environmental pressures placed on it.

Defining the structural analysis and drawing beforehand ensures that we will be able to smoothly progress through the life cycle of your construction project whether it be from procuring materials to getting the right type of approvals.

Our no compromise approach will make sure that you are the centre of the focus, we understand your current and future plans for your dream project. Our dedicated team of experts will ensure that your project is transformed from paper to execution.

Forecasted Budget & Minimum Deviation

Designing your Dream Project is not our only Goal, Making sure those dreams are fulfilled is what we do. With our Detailed plan you will know before hand what your budget is.

Our revolutionary process Forcasts your Budget ensuring Minimal Deviation

Planning your Dream project itself is a task of its own, but one small miscalculation on the budget will leave you with an unfinished project and would create unnecessary Stress. But, with Our Proprietary Process you will know "For sure" what is the budget that you would need to raise the capital for to ensure smooth completion and worryfree completion of the project.

We ensure that we collect all the effective data that is required for forecasting your budget and we also leverage our experts to confirm the accuracy. also create a baseline and re baseline of the budget that is seen based on the materials that is finalised for the project.Once the project budget is frozen we try to ensure that there is minimum to no deviation from the proposed project value and try to maintain the cost within the budget of the project.

Once you try our Services, We guarantee that you will be blown away by the attention to detail.

Who knows, you might even be able to create and construct a mini project on your own, Just kidding. 😉

Municipal Plan Sanctioning assistance

Our team will help you make sure we provide you the best resources to assist you in having the Design plan santioned by the necessary authorities before hand.

Design Municipal Clearance assistance

Proper plan approvals is an essential part of bringing your design dreams to reality. Our detailed plan along with our expert team, we will assist you in getting your plans approved by the necessary authorities beforehand to ensure a smooth construction process.

Keeping the best practices in Construction and ensuring safety guidelines are followed, our Turn Key Construction services will help you stay worry free.

Our municipal clearance assistance service will ensure that we analyse the site and suggest to you the necessary services and clearances that have to be applied with the authorities to ensure that the project does not get any obstacles while we are in the construction phase.We will always be your best well wisher when it comes to bringing your dream project to reality.

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Structural Engineering

Our Expertise in Structural engineering help us give you the best Structural analysis and also suggest the most suited goemetries and the associated Material requirements.

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Villas, Individual houses, Row houses, Apartment complex, you name it we have worked on it. From Elegant Designs to Project Delivery, you dream we fulfill.

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Single Storey, Multi Storey, Extravagant of Simple. Our poejects are always focussed on giving you the most economical way to bring your Dream Factory to Life.

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Commercial Interiors

Becoming a leading Interior Designing Company in Bangalore wasn't easy for us. From Designing or Renovating Interiors, our eye to detail will ensure you get the best from us.

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Luxury Interior

Be it Sofistication, Eclectic, Modernistic, Minimalistic, Vintage, Uber-luxurious Designs you are looking for. Our Designs and choice of Materials will match your Personality.

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Residential Interiors

If Elegant Designs filled with Ideas, Inspiration infused with Art is what you are looking for then our Urban Designs will impress you. We bring imaginations to life here.

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Construction Management

Our Specialized Project Management techniques ensure your Dream projects are always focussed on the right direction. Be it in the Design, Planning or Construction phase of the project.

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Labour Contract Management

Our attractive Labour Contract Mangement will ensure you focus only on the idea of your Dream project, leave the execution to our safe hands. We will handle the End-to-End of it.

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